• One of the many quiet, stylish moments in Thoroughbreds

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Thoroughbreds, another stylized and well-acted slow-cinema

Contrary to it’s zippy, witty, and oh-so-stylish trailers, Thoroughbred the actual movie is anything but. That is a big disappointment because the actors in this movie epitomize perfect casting. Anya Taylor-Joy with her perfect porcelain feature embody her upper-class teenager character perfectly and Olivia Cooke, much like her character in “Me and Earl and The … Continue reading

FLOWER is a breath of fresh air in it’s frank teenage portrayal, but it’s not for everyone

Some people go into Flower expecting to watch a movie like JUNO, a little fresh slang comedy with some heart. But this is nothing near like that and it put off some audiences. Someone even describe it as toxic based on the , deviant, delinquent and overtly sexual behavior portrayed by the characters in the … Continue reading

Red Sparrow, the Russian version of La Femme Nikita, made in USA

Hollywood tend to equate slow, lumbering spy movies with thought provoking thriller. Unfortunately, unless the story line is uniquely original and stimulating, slow movies just bored viewers and put them to sleep. Besides, do we really need another version of the story that has been similarly told in many other incarnations in movies and on … Continue reading

A lumbering paced Annihilation with a sprinkling of ultra-violence.

There are some genuine jump-out-of-your-seat moment tucked between the boring flashbacks and the lumbering pace of this movie. The ultra gore scenes lends cool cred to this movie, elevating it above other medium budgeted sci-fi flicks with a boring story that goes nowhere. Unfortunately, mis-casting in this movie sunk it for me. A slow lumbering … Continue reading

The rip roaring, non stop laugh-a-minute GAME NIGHT

We are due a very funny movie and Game Night did not dissapoint. This very fast paced, laugh a minute flick start off funny and did not let up until the final credit rolls. I had been weary when I saw the funny trailer that whatever left in the actual movie might not live up … Continue reading

The hypnotic and unconventional Phantom Thread

You won’t see much of the complete picture of Phantom Thread from watching the trailer. That can be a good and bad thing because it might discourage people from seeing it because this movie could easily be a boring stiff upper lip british society kind of movie with not much to offer except showing how … Continue reading

Insidious: The Last Key – first horror feature of 2018

I went into this latest Insidious installment with much trepidation in terms of the scare factors because if past experience had attested, by the fourth installment of any movie, the quality of story-line and scariness had ran out of steam. Case in point: The Saw franchise.  Well, I have to say this movie moves like … Continue reading

Happy New Year 2018

No critique, no high praises. Simply want to wish you all a happy new year of 2018. Time to hit a reboot and start over or continue to do what’s been an amazing run for some of you out there. Thanks for reading this little blog and I hope to contribute something interesting and notable … Continue reading

Hostiles – the top notch Western movie that’s long overdue

They don’t make good Western movie like they used to. I am not one to wax nostalgic about how good old western movies were because we have seen we have had our share of modern western that is actually better than their old school counterparts due to better editing, punchier scripts, and overall better acted … Continue reading

The Shape Of Water – another Guillermo Del Toro classic.

If you like Pan’s Labyrinth, you are going to LOVE The Shape Of Water. It has that same tone, intensity, and wry humor that are trademark Del Toro. In this times of hopeless reality that we can’t change, Del Toro gifted us with a brief escape into his fantasy world with The Shape Of Water. … Continue reading

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