INGRID GOES WEST is an exercise of uncomfortability

The sensation of watching Ingrid Goes West is like watching two of your best friends arguing in front of a big crowd of people who know them intimately. It was cringeworthy throughout, like seeing a trainwreck happening in front of you over, and over again. Maybe that is the whole point to the movie. Aubrey … Continue reading

Free Fire – Reservoir Dogs it is not.

I went in to this movie fully aware that the entire movie took place in a room, much like Reservoir Dogs. However, the story is not nearly as interesting or as suspenseful as that Tarantino’s classic. By the second half of the movie, all the actors were crawling through the remaining part of the movie. … Continue reading

The light hearted but action-heavy sequel to the XXX franchise is entertaining…, if you don’t take it seriously.

If you take the implausibly ridiculous opening sequences of all the James Bond movies and line them up together to make them into a 107 minute film, you will get XXX: THE RETURN OF XANDER CAGE. It’s not to say the movie is not entertaining. The Return Of Xander Cage is a bonafide action comedy¬† … Continue reading

Oscar DVD Screener: La La Land Killer

There is currently an unfortunate event that befall the movie La La Land. Those Oscar voters who have seen La La Land on it’s Cinemascope glory on the big screen have been complaining that the movie lost it’s magic when viewed on the regular tv in their homes. I was curious about this and being … Continue reading

Best Movies of 2016

My Top 5 best, worst, and dissappointing movies of 2016.


While this summer superhero movies have been underwhelming in the expectation department, one surprise stand out have been X-men First Class from the X men franchise. Who would have thunk setting the X men universe back¬† in the ’60s era could bolster such a cool fashion and settings for the visual eye candy. I agree … Continue reading

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