Good bye, Wolverine

It’s amazing to think that Hugh Jackman has taken on the role of Wolverine for 17 years. I knew nothing about the X men universe when I watched the first X men. I still do not know much about that universe because I stopped reading comic books since I was 18. That did not diminish … Continue reading

Jordan Peele’s GET OUT lives up to its hype.

Okay, I initially scoffed at the preview of GET OUT because it was shown so many times during previews in movies I watched. I blew off every single advance screening of GET OUT that I was invited to because I refused to stay in line to watch a movie that I was not very interested … Continue reading

Dan DeHaan and His Cure For Wellness

I would watch anything that Gore Verbinski directed. He is  a master in cinema visual styling. All his movie have a very moody and sleek look that is very pleasant to the eyes. This movie is no exception. I don’t think I would categorize this movie as horror because it is not a scary movie … Continue reading

John Wick, Chapter 2: The excitement continues.

It felt like not very long ago when I brought a friend of mine to a screening of the first John Wick in an uptown cinema. Not until we arrived had we realized that we were actually attending the world premier of the movie John Wick. We also found out, when we get our seat … Continue reading

The Ring legacy continues, or not…

When I first saw the not very exciting trailer to 2017 horror movie Rings, a thought came into my mind. Is this necessary? The first two remake of the Japanese horror starring Naomi Watts were admittedly, a worthy American versions of the Japanese Rings legacy. Thanks to Naomi Watts as an excellent actress, who made … Continue reading

The light hearted but action-heavy sequel to the XXX franchise is entertaining…, if you don’t take it seriously.

If you take the implausibly ridiculous opening sequences of all the James Bond movies and line them up together to make them into a 107 minute film, you will get XXX: THE RETURN OF XANDER CAGE. It’s not to say the movie is not entertaining. The Return Of Xander Cage is a bonafide action comedy  … Continue reading

Blown By Split

Okay, without giving away any spoiler to SPLIT, the new M Night Shyamalan’s new movie, how freaking awesome was that last five second of the movie? Without revealing anything, I have to clarify my statement about the ending. I was watching SPLIT with the general audiences who varies between the ones who follow M Night’s … Continue reading

A Dog’s Purpose

It’s too bad that the TMZ-leaked video controversy is casting a negative cloud on A Dog’s Purpose because myself as a dog lover, think this movie is a must watch for all who at some point in their lives own a dog. I dare you not to shed any tear on the second half of … Continue reading

Oscar DVD Screener: La La Land Killer

There is currently an unfortunate event that befall the movie La La Land. Those Oscar voters who have seen La La Land on it’s Cinemascope glory on the big screen have been complaining that the movie lost it’s magic when viewed on the regular tv in their homes. I was curious about this and being … Continue reading

The Bye Bye Man – Terrible title, decent movie.

I don’t understand why the film maker would want to choose a title this ridiculous for a decently acted movie with an above par story line. Douglas Smith and Cressida Bonas did a great acting job as the main characters  Elliot and Sasha. They made the viewers care for the main character enough that the … Continue reading

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