The Belko Experiment: a short but sweet experience.

If you have seen the preview to this movie, you already know what to expect from this movie. However, the director still have a few tricks up his sleeve to toy with the audience expectations on the characters in movies like this; which made it thrilling fun to watch.¬† Tony Goldwyn is now the official … Continue reading

Raw, if you dare.

Not since I went to the first screening of another French movie with one name moniker INSIDE had I saw audiences ran out of cinema during the movie until I went to watch RAW last weekend. I mean people, mostly women and older couples, literally picked up their belonging and bolt to the exit. Me … Continue reading

The Bye Bye Man – Terrible title, decent movie.

I don’t understand why the film maker would want to choose a title this ridiculous for a decently acted movie with an above par story line. Douglas Smith and Cressida Bonas did a great acting job as the main characters¬† Elliot and Sasha. They made the viewers care for the main character enough that the … Continue reading

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