I just watched “Midnight in Paris” and “Last Night” back to back.I truly love Last Night, much better than Midnight in Paris.The cinematography in Last Night was also light years better than Midnight in Paris, which was shot like all Woody Allen’ s ’70’s movie…he never change… anything.

And I find it so boring about all his movie…
Like those people who still shoot film in photography…
What do they have to prove by sticking to the old ways anyway…

At this point, I’ll watch Kiera Knightley polish a hub cab in slow motion through out the entire movie.

That girl is an actress in a supermodel’s body. She did an excellent job in Last Night, all the best scene in the movie are the scenes with her in it.

However, Sam Worthington should be doing something else, like a casino card dealer, because he’s better at that than being an actor.
That guy hardly have any expression on his face in every scene…


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